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Mutecard protects your debit cards – put it in your wallet

Credit cards are easy to use – Just place them close to a payment-terminal and the payment is done. It does, however, also mean, that they are easy to hack. With a cheap scanner a hacker can read the card information and abuse your creditcard.
Place your MuteCard close to your credit card or passport and they are protected.

MuteCard can be bought as–

  • standard card, where 10 DKK for each card is donated to Kræftens Bekæmpelse
  • design your own Mutecard for just additional 30 DKK
  • privat label – give your customer or employee a Mutecard with your company logo and text.

Public and crowded places

Do you notice who sits next to you and what they are doing? 

Hardly not. You are busy working, talking on the phone, or just bought food at a Cafe, the grocerer or the supermarket, where you bring your contactless card.

Offentlige områder

Airports and public transportation

An e-pickpocket can hide his card-reader, PC or scanner several metres away, and are you in the room, or just passing, he can steal your money and card-data without you noticing. As opposed to an old-fashion pickpocket, the e-pickpocket doesn’t even have to get to your pocket or purse. 

Bars, cafés and restaurants

While you are enjoying life with family or friends, the e-pickpocket has easy access to you contactless creditcard or accesscard. It only takes 2 seconds to steal your money and card-information. And after that, not much time to make a copy of your card.