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RFID protection in the modern world is necessary for every person. Therefore, we offer you to buy reliable and proven anti skim cards. Payment cards are easy to use — Just place them close to a payment-terminal and the money will be withdrawn. It does, however, also mean, that they are easy to hack. With a cheap scanner or skimming device a hacker can read the card information and abuse your payment card. By purchasing MuteCard, you will get a universal RFID protecting tool, shield for security your credit cards, passport and access cards. MuteCard is an anti skimming, and scanning device with NFC radio signal blocking function. You can buy an RFID blocker, guard for wallets, purses and bags on our website.

MuteСard – reliable RFID protection for you!

If you want to protect your personal information and funds, use MuteCard with RFID protection and no longer worry about possible RFID theft. Trust us for your protection. MuteCard is developed in Denmark and properly the best RFID blocking solution.

Why choose us?

– Guaranteed RFID protection

– Competitive and reasonable price

– High quality and durability of RFID blocking products

Mutecard is a card with RFID signal jammer and prevent an attacker from stealing card information (digital E-THEFT)

How to use your MuteCard – RFID blocker

RFID Protection payment card, id passport

Place your MuteCard not more than 3 cm from your payment cards in your wallet.

rfid scan blocker card

When you need to use your payment card, do as usual – take it out of your wallet and pay.

rfid card shield

When you have paid, put you payment card back to MuteCard’s protection zone in your wallet.