About MuteCard

A Danish company based in Herlev.

The story of MuteCard Company Aps. We sell products for digital protection and RFID solutions for individuals and companies. The main product MuteCard is developed in Denmark. The cards are provided by CardLab Aps and both companies are located door to door in Herlev.The MuteCard was developed by a CardLab employee who sadly died of cancer. That is why we always support the Danish Cancer Society with DKK 10 per card in his honor.

MuteCard del 2

Director Annelise Saugmann took over the company in 2020 and today runs it with a marketing manager, Anne Mette Jarden. In addition, we use external expertise when needed.

So we are a small company and are involved in all the processes. We pack, send goods out, print even the specially made MuteCard etc.

We do our utmost to explain why we believe you need to protect your passport and debit card. If we fall short, we have a lot of skilled experts at CardLab who can explain the technique in detail.

MuteCard is wrapped in either the invoice or the product description – then we save the envelope and use as little paper as possible. MuteCard is currently being sent as a letter to PostNord. It is the cheapest way to ship it, but it also means that the customer can not track the shipment. We are always open to suggestions for sustainable packaging, cheaper shipping options, etc.

At MuteCard, we strive to be credible, service-oriented and sustainable as well as keep a reasonable price. We want it to be nice to go to work and we have a product that we are proud of.

Our goal is for as many people as possible to have a MuteCard with their debit card and one with their passport.

MuteCard – the card from Herlev that protects your digital data worldwide.