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E-theft (electronic pick pocketing  is when your payment card or passport information are read and misused without your knowledge.

Your contactless credit card and passport has a built-in radio transmitter – that’s why they’re so easy to use. Card information is not protected and can easily be read.

Ist is payment card with the symbol, which have and built-in en radio ransmitter. These card are called RFID cards or contactless card.

E-Thieves equipped with a scanner or similar can easily and unnoticed access your card information.

The e-theft can happen right next to you or up to several feet away.

Also your passport has and build-in radio transmitter. If e-thieves has your passport informations it is to steal your identity.

Debit and credit cards with the symbol  are contactless cards. The cards are also called RFID cards (Radio Frequency Identification) and contain a radio antenna.
The information on contactless cards is unprotected and anyone with a scanner can read them. The more powerful the scanner, the greater the distance can be read at short distances.
The card information is not encrypted and if the thieves have the information they can withdraw money from your card.

There are several ways to protect your contactless cards –

  • Wrap the card in stanniol
  • Buy a metal card and place on both sides of the card
  • Buy a Skimmer or Jammer – they contain a noise emitter.
  • Buy a purse with RFID protection – here it can be either metal or a skimmer / jammer card.

MuteCard is a jammer card.

Please check YouTube  for a demonstration of RFID Protection.

MuteCard contains a noise transmitter. The noise transmitter is activated when there is an active scanner nearby. It is the reading field of a scanner that provides power to MuteCard – so the stronger the scanner, the more noise the MuteCard emits.
Metal wrapping of contactless cards and metal in purses do not protect against powerful scanners – so does MuteCard.
If there is an active scanner nearby, MuteCard lights up and you can see that it works.

Light is turned on, when an active scanner is nearby

MuteCard is Danish quality, developed in Herlev and is build on patented technology.

MuteCard covers 13,56 Mhertz

You can order your MuteCard here on the website. All prices include VAT and taxes.
If you have any questions – please try to write or call us ?


Credit card payment is safe on our website.

When you enter your credit card information, it is done on a secure connection, using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This means that the information is encrypted and no unauthorized person can read it. The amount is deducted once the transaction is approved.

You can use –
– Dankort
– MasterCard
– Maestro
– Visa

For foreign payment cards a fee is added.

You can see the fee amount before you approve the purchase.

We send your MuteCard as a letter with PostNord and it can be delivered all over the world.
It will take between 5 and 10 business days for you to receive your MuteCard.

The same day  MuteCard are posted, you will receive an eMail with the invoice.
The money will be withdrawn 5 working days later – this is done to coordinate payment with delivery of  your MuteCard.

Shipping in Denmark is 30 DKR, and free when you buy for more than 500 DKR.
A fee for shipping abroad is added. You can see fee before you approve the payment.

From the time you receive the card, you have 14 days to cancel if you should regret the purchase.

If you regret the purchase – you contact us and the following may happen –
– The order has not been shipped yet – you will receive the full amount back.
– You received the letter with MuteCard. You will send the unused card back to us, along with a copy of the invoice and we will refund the amount to you minus the credit card fee when we receive the letter.

Note: We do not receive mail by cash on delivery.

RFID is the abbreviation for Radio Frequency IDentification and is a modern version of the barcode.

Payment cards contain a passive RFID tag. When the radio signal from a scanner hits the payment card, it receives power and starts sending the card number etc.

A MuteCard also receives power from scanners.

Below is a picture of the MuteCard inside. The finished card has a hard plastic front and back.

The wire around the card edge is the antenna and that is where energi is collected. The round circle is the chip.

Below is a passport lit by a bright light. The 4 wires around the edge are the antenna and the black spot is the chip.

The information in the passport is protected by a simple encryption.

MuteCard strives to be sustainable, service oriented at a reasonable price.

MuteCard is wrapped in either the invoice or the product description – then the least possible paper is used. The paper is recycled paper.

MuteCard is sent as a letter with PostNord. It is cheapest to send as a letter; but this means that the customer can note track the shipment.