You can either buy a MuteCard as –

  • Standard card, with a “Kræftens Bekæmpelses” logo (found where a light in MuteCard are active scanner is nearby)
  • Design your MuteCard
  • Private Label – you decide what to do both on the front and back of your MuteCard

What is MuteCard?

Debit and credit cards with the symbol on the front are contactless cards. The cards are also called RFID cards (Radio Frequency Identification) and contain a radio antenna.
The information on contactless cards is unprotected and anyone with a scanner can read them. The more powerful the scanner, the greater the distance can be read at short distances.
The card information is not encrypted and if the thieves have the information they can withdraw money from your card.

There are several ways to protect your contactless cards –

  • Wrap the card in stanniol
  • Buy a metal card (several types are available on the web) and place on both sides of the card
  • Buy a Skimmer or Jammer – they contain a noise emitter.
  • Buy a purse with RFID protection – here it can be either metal or a skimmer / jammer card.

MuteCard contains a noise transmitter. The noise transmitter is activated when there is an active scanner nearby. It is the reading field of a scanner that provides power to MuteCard – so the stronger the scanner, the more noise the MuteCard emits.
Metal wrapping of contactless cards and metal in purses do not protect against powerful scanners – so does MuteCard.
If there is an active scanner nearby, MuteCard lights up and you can see that it works.

Light is turned on, when an active scanner is nearby

MuteCard is Danish quality, developed in Herlev and is build on patented technology.


Technical specification

MuteCard covers 13,56 Mhertz

How to use your MuteCard 

Place your MuteCard close (max 3 cm away) to you payment cards.

When you need your payment card, you do as you normally do – take it out of your wallet and pay.

Once you have paid, put back your payment card to the MuteCard protection bubble in your wallet.