MuteCard - Travel package

Contains 2 x MuteCard and 1 passport cover

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Card data can be stolen with a mobile phone. Avoid having your cards hacked and blocked, so you don’t fint youself abroad without access to money.
MuteCard – your digital protection.

MuteCard has a 3 cm protection bubble and is electronic protection of personal information on theRFID chip in passports and payment cards. The passport cover protects the passport dirt, has a pocket for you MuteCard and fits all passports.

MuteCard – the card from Herlev with the great technology that protects your digital information worldwide.

There is personal information on your passport and your payment cards – they are stored on a so-called RFID chip (Radio Frequency ID Identification).

It’s short with the symbol, which has a built-in radio transmitter. These cards are called RFID or contactless cards.
Criminals equipped with a mobile phone or scanner can inadvertently eavesdrop on the information on passports and cards.
MuteCard protects passports and cards from being hacked by blocking or muting so that the information cannot be read. It contains an advanced technology that protects against so-called high power scanners, as MuteCard also sends “noise” towards the scanner, which makes the signals unreadable and therefore provides extra protection.

With a MuteCard – Travel package you are ready for the holidays.

You can testthe card the next time you shop. When the terminal shows the amount; put you MuteCard together with the payment card. and payment is declined. Repeat without the card and the payment goes through.

The more powerful a scanner, the more it protects the card.

DKK 329,00


Contains 2 x MuteCard and 1 passport cover

MuteCard :

  • Protects your personal information.
  • Prevents your passport and payment card from being hacked / skimmed ( RFID theft ).
  • Is the size of a debit card.
  • Can be used for all card holders, purses and passport cases.
  • Easy to use.
  • Developed in and sold from Herlev.

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