Passport Cover

Passport cover that protects your passport from dirt
Of course, there is a room for a MuteCard in the passport cover. With a MuteCard in the passport cover, the passport is protected against digital eavesdropping and misuse.

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MuteCard Company ApS sells products for digital protection and RFID solutions for individuals and companies. One of our products is this passport cover. It does not contain any technology but takes care of your passport.

The pickpockets today are called hackers, cybercriminals, skimmers and the like. They use electronic media to steal your information and your money. It is easy to scan a passport. At MuteCard, we work in order to prevent these thefts and to ensure that you do not get your money or identity stolen.

In connection with the transition to MitID, some of us had to update our ID information in NemID to confirm our identity. Both NemID and MitID, like our passports and driving licenses, are proof that we are who we are.

Many danes have discovered how relatively easy it is to scan the passport. First you had to scan the code inside the passport and then the RFID chip on the outside of the passport, by simply holding your mobile over the front of the passport.

With a MuteCard in the passport cover, you are protected against digital theft.


kr. 39,00


Contains a passport cover

Can be used for all passports.
Material: plastic


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