MuteCard – protects your passport, credit card and access card information from theft.
Personal information is stored on an RFID chip, which is part of passports, cards and credit cards.

If you can just use your card without a code, fingerprint or other security, it means the information is unprotected. The information can be read with a mobile phone.

MuteCard comes as a standard card or can be customized with logos and text.

Free shipping when you buy for more than DKK 500.

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How rfid protection devices MuteCard works?

When there is an active scanner close to the payment card or passport, they get energy via the antenna and the built-in chip starts sending the data information. The information can be used to make copies of payment cards and passports.

With a copy of the payment card, money can be withdrawn. With the CPR no you may risk having your identity stolen and there may be e.g. create loans in your name.

MuteCard also receives energy from the scanners and the chip starts emitting noise (jammer) signals. If debit cards and passports are less than 3 inches away, they are protected.

MuteCard covers 13.56 Mhertz, and this is the frequency that Dankort, debit cards and passports use.

Place rfid protection devices not more than 3 cm from your payment cards in your wallet and get the best RFID blocker.  It is a reliable protection of your funds. Can also be used to protect pasport. Proven in practice.

If you want to protect your personal information and funds, it is enough to purchase a MuteCard with RFID protection and no longer worry about possible RFID theft.

RFID is the abbreviation for Radio Frequency Identification and NFC is the abbreviation for Near Field Communication.

RFID was invented to easily read data from e.g. payment cards and passports and is now the most widely used standard.

The technology in RFID / NFC makes it easy to use e.g. – just put the payment card on the payment terminal and the money will be withdrawn. If the amount is less than 350 kroner, a pin code is usually not needed.

What is easy to use is often also vulnerable.

You can use MuteCard to protect data in RFID / NFC solutions.

  • Dankort and other payment cards: The information on the front of the card is unprotected
  • Passport: Name, CPR No, picture etc. protected by a simple encryption